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PostSubject: The Forum Rules   The Forum Rules EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 1:51 pm

Keep in mind, I credit the Super Skarmory Forums for these rules.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns that can’t be obtained from the suggestions, feedback, and questions section of the forums, it is advised that you contact a fellow moderator. All moderators are who you should contact in regards to any problems that would violate rules. Due to the busyness of the entire staff though, we are very thankful for those of you who try to avoid reaching us unless absolutely necessary.

And now to the rules, YAY!!! (Points refer to spam meter, ban points refer to ban meter)

Obviously the rules need the typical common courtesy golden rule, keep things friendly, not hard to do. Keep in mind that younger people may be here and they really don't need to see or read inappropriate stuff. Lets say that Magus was considered inappropriate language. ***** or !@#$% are okay. M**** and M***s are not acceptable. The infamous censoring system is back so we won't add points to your meter for getting censored, only trying to break the system. Warning, you may look like an idiot in the process. If it appears you attempted to break the system by doing something like M a g u s, you will be punished. In addition, no verbal fighting, if any staff member has to break up a fight that you start, you will face the consequences.

Breaking the censoring system - 20 points
Flaming/Bashing/Pressuring - 30 points and 5 ban points
Insulting other users - 15 points
Verbal Fighting - 40 points and 10 ban points

Spamming includes double posting. Just edit you comment instead of double posting. When you comment, make sure it has at least 4 words, on topic, and is not annoying. An example of annoying is saying something like “WEEEEEEEE”. Wrong!!! BAD!!! (Please note that if staff members including myself are posting more than once in a row, it’s probably for place holding due to the insane length of the post we may be posting so don’t get ideas. XD)

Points (Moderators may feel generous and just clean up your spam if it isn't that bad.)
Minor spam - 0-1 point
Spam - 0-2 points
Major spam/Flooding/Disruptive Posting/Constant Spam - 5 points
Double Posting - 0-1 points

3. Don't Give Out Personal Information/You Are Responsible for Your OWN Account
For your own safety, I really recommend you don't give out personal information. If you want to, go ahead but I think it would be a big mistake especially if you are younger. A general idea of where you live such as a country is not a bad thing. It's probably better so people have an idea of your background as well as time zone. Names, I recommend first and first name only but again, the younger you are, the more you should keep personal information to yourself. People, don't give out your password ever. That is just plain dumb. Make you password a good one too. Something like Skarmory is a horrible password and could easily be guessed. Something like yKamOrSr is something nobody could guess or even 5Skarm77ory would be good. ? and / are good things that people don't think of when trying to hack accounts so those are recommended. Note that the SS Forums are not responsible for anything that happens to your account. If you have siblings that may sit at your computer and get you in trouble, log out then. Once rules are broken, action is taken, weather you did it or not does not matter to us, only what your account did matters.

Points happily enjoy uhhhh, possibly getting stalked, maybe shot in the head by a stalker. Break this rule at your own risk, just know I'm not responsible for the punishment you receive and you can't sue me so live with it, or rather if your dead for breaking this rule, don't haunt me. XD

4. Advertising
Advertising is strictly prohibited in ALL posts. Any site or products can't be advertised. You CAN advertise ONLY for non-profit websites in your signature BUT it must not be in enhanced text (no bold, size changes, ect.). Oh yeah, and using the PM system to advertise is prohibited too.

Non-profit advertising in posts - 15 points
Profit advertising in sig - 20 points
Profit advertising in post - 50 points and 10 ban points

5. No Racism, Sexism, or Discrimination/Harassment of Any Sort
Discrimination on these forums is strictly prohibited. Discrimination against age, gender, race, religion, social status, ect is an absolute no. If you are being harassed or stalked by another member, please inform staff immediately.

All Discrimination - 75-100 Points and Ban Points (Depending on seriousness)/Possible Suspension or Ban

6. Bumping aka Necroposting
When old topics haven't been posted in for a month or two, and have probably been forgotten, posting in those topics is known as bumping because it bumps it to the top. Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Sometimes, it can be for good uses. If you bump a topic just to agree with someone, or spam in some way, however, that's NOT good. If the topic died out, it probably wasn't too popular to begin with, and if there's nothing more to add to it, then just let it fall behind. If it's only a few days old, it probably isn't even considered bumping but when it gets past about two weeks, that's when it deserves a good reason to post. In addition, you should try to avoid double topics which is a different variation of bumping. If you can go a few pages without seeing a topic you wish to post, then your fine but if the same topic is on the 1st page, we have issues.

Bumping - 0-1 Points

7. Excessive Quoting Rule
When you quote a person, do not quote them if they are the last person to post. It's unnecessary when you’re responding to them and they are right above you. It's often multiple people who keep quoting each other when this takes place and if we have to deal with it pages of mostly quotes, punishments will follow for all parties involved. If continuous quoting is necessary, only quote so far back and delete the older things being still quoted.

Excessive Quoting - 0-3 Points

8. Double Account Rule
Should you be using an Internet connection with somebody else, you need to instantly inform us so we know your IP addresses match. In addition, if you really hate your username, there is a post that lets you change once every 6 months.

Double Accounts - 50 Points and 25 ban points - (All double accounts are deleted)

9. Mini-Mod and Reports
To help moderators out, there is a button on posts to report the post. USE IT! Should you see somebody breaking the rules, you can simply report the user by clicking on this button and giving a reason. A mod be informed and handle it accordingly. Should you make an unnecessary report, this will work against you. Mini-Moding refers to pointing out somebody broke a rule in a post, don't do this. Simply report it and that is good enough. You will be helping the mods this way.

Mini-Mod - 3 Points
False Reporting - 10 Points

10. Illegal Content
Do not post or post links to any illegal or copyrighted material. This includes but is not limited to ROMs, ISOs, porn, and MP3s. Linking to other sites with these materials, as well as asking for others to do so, is prohibited. ROM patches and console emulators are not illegal and may be posted, BUT many websites that offer these also have illegal game ROMs thus making it against the rules to post. All forms of sexual content is strictly prohibited.

Minor Illegal Content - 50-99 Points Spam and Ban Points
More Serious Illegal Content - Instant Ban
Sexual Content/Porn - Instant Ban

The moderators of the forums follow the rules very closely (unless for a good reason a double post or something would be needed) and it is in your best interest to follow them. Again, if you ever have a problem with a user, please do let us know. DO NOT argue with the moderation staff. If you have any problems with any of our staff members, please contact administration to further handle the problem. If your having problems with administration, than tough luck because our way is the law of the land. The admins on this site are dignified leaders of the site so if you have problems with us, you’re the problem. It is perfectly fine to disagree with staff on an issue but when it becomes rude, unnecessary, or incorrect, that is when it becomes a problem.

We would like to remind you that this is an international forum and anybody from anywhere can be here. Just keep in mind that if you don't know English at all, you probably shouldn't be here. I myself live in the U.S. and staff are located in various locations of the globe in the U.K. and Canada. Please respect others cultures. And please note of time zone differences. (This site runs on Eastern U.S. time.)

Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!
This place isn't supposed to be boring, it's supposed to be fun so have a good time here. The rules were a drag to read, I know, but we wish to create the safest and friendliest environment possible for your personal enjoyment of the site. So…
Thank You for reading and Enjoy because I doubt your actually reading this right now!

~Chatbox Rules~

Below are rules for the chatbox. The first time you break the rules will result in a kick, then a ban for the second time.

1. No cussing

2. No spamming(Spamming smilies is a rule too)

3. No illegal content/dirty pictures

4. Have fun and be safe.

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The Forum Rules
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